Back to the Noughties!!

Posted by suirdzign on February 19, 2016

A ridiculous price hike by my old host iPage has forced me to seek out a better/more economical option.
In short iPage wanted GBP£164 for one years hosting. After some research I found eHost who offered me 3 years for €97. So has a new home and I have to dust of my rather outdated web design skills.

Words from the wise told me to forget about my raw HTML, Java and VB experience (Just as well because it has vacated my memory banks) so CMS was the educated choice.

Next question: Which CMS package? 
Wordpress seems the most famous so my natural inclination was to avoid that.

I settled on concrete5 due to it's versatility and scale-ability. Sites from the Swiss Government to Mini UK  are built on concrete5.
If it's good enough for them surely it has the power to do what I want it to do. 

All I need so far is a gallery, contact details, a contact form with upload and a means of finding me.

All of the above came as free themes/plugins so HAPPY DAYS.

As I learn more I'll add more so watch this space.

But remember "Rome wasn't built in a day"!!!